Condenser Tubes

Visual Inspeciton of Condenser Tubes With Video Borescope Condenser tubes need to be inspected periodically for scale, pitting, bacteria colony, fatigue cracking, and other indications.  Traditional borescopes are limited in length and focus ability.  The new Vuman video borescope system provides a small diameter, 8.4mm, video probe up to 100′ long with pneumatic full way […]

Another Tough Remote Visual Inspeciton = Solution

Another Remote Visual Inspection Success: Customer had a very difficult and repetitive quality control inspection requirement that was constantly breaking high priced video borescopes and costing a ton of money for repairs and spare lamps.  Knowing that a CCTV push camera provides a much wider field of view and superior lighting of dark voids, RVI […]

FOSAR Loose Parts Retrieval Tool Improvement

FOSAR (Foreign Object Search and Retrieval) Tool Improvment Hand held controller for the eletronic motorized gripper improved to operate off rechargeable battery pack.  No need to waste and hoard those disposable batteries.  The motorized gripper is a perfect tool to retrieve those loose parts and foreign objects from hard to access areas of plant and […]


Rent the Right Borescope   During an outage or shutdown unique remote visual inspection opportunities arise.  Make sure you have the right camera system for the job.  RVI Pro offers a complete range of high quality video borescopes, pant tilt zoom cameras, CCTV pipe cameras, and drain cameras for rental – short term and long […]

Smallest Video Borescope

We are happy to announce that the smallest articulating video borescope is now available.  The IT Concepts XLED true 3mm outer diameter offers superior imaging with 2-way articulation.  The XLED video borescope incorporates an internal LED for super bright imaging and uses composite video output to send the video to any standard monitor with composite […]

Pan and Tilt

The minCam mC360 is the most functionally useful pan and tilt CCTV push camera available.  Based upon the proven rugged stainless steel and carbon fiber frame, the mC360 line camera utilizes a small, 50mm diameter color camera with continuous pan and 270 degree tilt.  60m of heavy duty push rod ensures that the CCTV camera […]